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Our Programs Help You Help Others

The Humaning Made Easier Inc. programs help organizations and the people in them to grow, develop, and become more successful. As a Partner Facilitator, you can use our programs to:

Guide people to make changes that improve the way they work, live, and lead.

Help people to better understand themselves and the people around them.

Help people develop thinking and habits that lead them to respond effectively to their greatest challenges and opportunities.

Support people to enhance their well-being, alleviate stress, bring more joy into their lives, grow, develop, and succeed, and help others do the same.

We Understand and Support Change

Sustained and meaningful results require moving beyond awareness and supporting people to make changes to their thinking and behaviour. Change isn’t easy. Our programs support change by providing:


Partcipants learn first-hand how expectations, conversations, and empathy help build trust, safety, motivation, and teams. We teach leading change by supporting change, teach listening by listening, and teach coaching by coaching.


Our programs focus on creating a safe, supportive, trusting, and inspiring environment that builds people’s confidence and comfort with change.


We go beyond awareness and good intention and support people to develop motivation, understanding, and ability, resulting in real and sustained change.


We use bright colours, easy to read materials, coaching questions, and a little bit of whimsy to make learning and development engaging and enjoyable.

We Understand and Support You

Helping others grow, develop, and be more successful is a rewarding and challenging field of work. We help coaches and consultants to get outstanding results with their clients by offering:


Our programs were created from years of experience leading, coaching, facilitating, and parenting and reflect a deep undertanding of what it takes to help people adopt thinking and habits that increase success.


We help you feel confident and comfortable helping others get results using our programs in-person and online.


We offer marketing materials and free printable resources to help you find outstanding clients.


Our community of collaborators will help you feel connected to great ideas, great people, and opportunities for your own growth.

Our Program Offerings

THRIVE: A Leadership Journey

Part leadership development program, part introduction to organizational development, THRIVE: A Leadership Journey supports owners and leaders to increase their internal capacity to improve performance and well-being by gaining and applying a deeper understanding of what it takes to help people and performance thrive.

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Delving Into Difficult Discussions

Addressing problems and navigating conflict are vital to creating an organization where people can thrive. This program offers ideas and exercises to help you improve your ability to have difficult discussions and solve performance and interpersonal problems.

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Dealing With Difficult People Situations

Difficult people situations can get the best of us. While it will never be easy, there are things you can do to improve the situation and outcome. This multi-session interactive workshop helps develop thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that lead to success.

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