Kristina Schmitt

Kristina Schmitt

Kristina Schmitt

Kristina Schmitt Development

St. Thomas / London, ON

Feeling burnt out?
Unable to execute?
Overwhelmed in your business?

I’ve been there too. My own journey of personal growth and development has taken me from being a chronically stressed leader and mom to successful and balanced business owner – with the opportunity to help you find the same success professionally and personally.

My journey of having my sons and diving deeper into my Catholic faith has led me to helping business leaders create a business and a business culture where they and their teams are successful in life and business. I started as a Lean Manufacturing consultant, helping companies implement lean tools, but soon realized it was much more than just a set of tools.I knew I needed to start with the leader to create a culture of coaching, psychological safety, and continuous improvement.

I’ve learned through my own experience that when a leader is well – mind, body, & spirit – they can lead well. I started doing leadership and sales training in 2021 and now have created a framework to walk leaders through building a stable foundation for them and their business to grow.

I take a holistic approach to the development of the leader. We not only talk about leadership skills, but look at how our personal lives and life experiences are influencing our behaviors and impacting our results. I also walk the leader and the leadership team through a framework to build a stable foundation for them to grow the business and the team, focusing on the health and well-being of the leader and the workers.

Humaning Made Easier Inc. Partner Facilitators are independent business contractors who license Humaning Made Easier Inc. products for use in their coaching, consulting, and faciltation work.