Melanie Taylor

Melanie Taylor smiling

Melanie Taylor, MEng., ODCP

Melanie Taylor Consulting
President, Humaning Made Easier Inc.

St. Thomas / London, ON

I am an Organization Development Certified Professional who helps successful, busy, and stressed owners, leaders, and HR professionals reduce firefighting, stress, and persistent problems and increase the effectiveness, engagement, and well-being of everyone in their organization.

Throughout my career, from managing safety, wellness, and continuous improvement in my family’s manufacturing business, to owning and operating an award-winning retail store and parenting centre, to coaching and consulting in the organizational development field, I have helped people and organizations develop systems, behaviours, and thinking that enhance their well-being and increase their success.

My engineering education and personal and professional experiences have given me a great understanding of systems thinking and human behaviour, which I use to help individuals, teams, and organizations effectively solve problems and realize opportunities. I am known for creating spaces where people feel safe, valued, and included, and for challenging people to think and grow.

Humaning Made Easier Inc. Partner Facilitators are independent business contractors who license Humaning Made Easier Inc. products for use in their coaching, consulting, and faciltation work.