THRIVE: A Leadership Journey Program – January to June 2023 in Cambridge, ON

**REGISTRATION FOR THIS SESSION IS NOW CLOSED**  Stay tuned for more public offerings.

THRIVE: A Leadership Journey is a facilitated program that supports you to enhance engagement and well-being and help people and performance thrive

Join us on the THRIVE Journey starting January 2023 in Waterloo Region!

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Learn how to use behavioural science and systems thinking to increase motivation and engagement

Working closely with a coach, you will cultivate a deeper understanding of human behaviour and relationships and learn how to enhance motivation and engagement in yourself and others.

Guidance and support to improve the way you work, lead, and live

THRIVE helps you turn intention into action by introducing concepts over time, encouraging critical thought, and supporting you to make small changes.

In exchange for your efforts, you’ll realize better decision-making, the achievement of meaningful goals, stronger relationships and teams, and improved performance and well-being for yourself and everyone you lead.

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Think differently about the challenges you face and the path to overcome them

THRIVE guides you to move away from reacting to symptoms with “We need more___” (people, time, money, pizza, etc.) and equips you with skills and confidence to address your root causes and effectively solve even your most persistent problems.

You will develop the motivation and ability to design and implement initiatives that solve problems and create an environment that supports people to thrive.

Part leadership development program, part introduction to organizational developmentt

A Leadership Journey

supports you to apply a deeper understanding of what it takes to help people and performance thrive

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THRIVE: A Leadership Journey can help you:

Improve performance, productivity, engagement, and well-being

Enhance teamwork and collaboration

Improve conflict resolution and problem-solving

Learn how to lead change in yourself, others, and your organization

Alleviate stress, bring more joy into your life, develop, succeed, and help others do the same.

Not just for those in formal leadership positions – THRIVE welcomes anyone looking to enhance individual well-being and performance

We Understand and Support Change

Sustained and meaningful results require moving beyond awareness and supporting people to make changes to their thinking and behaviour. Change isn’t easy. The THRIVE program supports change by providing:


You’ll learn first-hand how expectations, conversations, and empathy help build trust, safety, motivation, and teams. We teach leading change by supporting change. We teach listening by listening. We teach coaching by coaching.


THRIVE offers a safe, supportive, trusting, and inspiring environment that builds individual confidence and comfort with growth and development. Small groups (up to 12 participants) allows us to share ideas and experiences and build connections and community.


We ask you to read materials and answer questions in advance. This gives you time to reflect and participate in meaningful discussion about the things that matter to you. Our discussions go beyond awareness and good intentions and support you to achieve real and sustained change.


Learning happens through facilitated discussions focused on your experiences. No slides, lectures, or tests. We use bright colours, easy-to-read materials, coaching questions, and a little bit of whimsy to create an engaging and enjoyable experience.

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What People are Saying about THRIVE: A Leadership Journey

This program offers leaders an immersive experience like no other. It’s not just about getting to know different techniques and approaches. This 6-month program allows you to live and breathe in all the ideas and concepts, get to know how it feels to have psychological safety in the group, make discoveries through asking questions and listening to others, and question your own biases and limiting beliefs.

Jenny Barkan

Business Owner

THRIVE: A Leadership Journey has been life-changing, positively impacting both my work and home life. The course has helped me understand people better (including myself – big time). I have been to many conferences and training programs, watched videos, and listened to podcasts, but I have  found it hard to put the ideas into action. THRIVE: A Leadership Journey helped me to turn my good intentions into action and get results. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to making a significant impact on my company, the people who work it in, and the clients we serve.

Andrew Kaikkonen

Co-Owner, atWork Office Furniture

The THRIVE Journey and Program Schedule

The THRIVE Leadership Journey is twelve learning modules, broken into three main sections. Each module provides ideas, tools, and skills participants take with them on their journey to enhance their development and success.



The Laying the Foundation modules help participants get comfortable with their own development and introduce fundamental concepts that they will use to solve problems, support development, and lead change. They learn the importance of psychological safety, how our core beliefs impact our outcomes, how to address the root cause of persistent problems, and how to align actions with desired outcomes to achieve success.



With a strong foundation, we can begin to build the structures that will help realize increased performance and well-being for the organization and everyone in it.

The Understanding and Developing People modules help participants become more comfortable and proficient in guiding other people’s development using coaching principles. They are encouraged to use their knowledge of human behaviour and their emotional intelligence to develop relationships and routines that enhance the motivation, commitment, and performance of the people they lead.



In the Taking Action modules, we discuss how to apply the new ways of thinking and strengthen habits to overcome common challenges and lead change.

Participants will be able to confidently address and resolve performance and interpersonal problems, make better use of their time by delegating, and improve their own well-being. They will create goals and plans to put their knowledge and skills into action and create a culture where people thrive.

Timing and Location

Every other Wednesday from 1-4 pm EST (12 sessions)
January 18 – June 21, 2023
Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, 750 Hespler Road, Cambridge, ON
(At Hwy 401 and Hwy 24)


Program Hosts and Facilitators

Melanie Taylor

Melanie Taylor

Melanie is an Organization Development Certified Professional (ODCP) who loves helping people develop ideas and habits that propel them forward. Her mission and passion is to engage workplaces and the people in them to develop the thinking, habits, and systems that support people to live and do their best.

Melanie’s experience in OD and leadership includes managing safety, wellness, and continuous improvement in her family’s manufacturing business, owning and operating an award-winning retail store and parenting centre, and providing coaching, consulting, and facilitation services to a wide range of organizations.

Emma Marriott

Emma Marriott

Emma’s passion is people & culture. She brings over ten years of experience across a variety of human resources functions and teams. She recently founded Iris and is on a mission to empower teams to enhance connectivity through the use of human-centered design principles. Emma is an active member of Kitchener Rotary and serves on the HRPA’s Board of Directors.

Emma lives in Kitchener, ON with her husband and three daughters under the age of 5. Her life is beautifully chaotic. all. the. time. And she wouldn’t change a thing. She’s learned to embrace the journey and found joy amidst the chaos. It would be an honour to support you in yours! In her spare time, you can usually find her reading, enjoying yoga or a sweaty workout, good company, or the great outdoors.

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